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The Size of The Moons on Your Nails Reveal This About Your Health

While the wedding day excitement will come and go, Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship is here to stay Astrologically speaking , their relationship is a sure thing. Prince Harry, who was born on September 15, , is a Virgo. Meghan, born August 4, is a Leo. And because of that, they are a fair match, according to astrologer and psychic medium, Suzie Kerr Wright. Their relationship is built to last even with the stress that comes with being a royal.

How to Read Fingernails based on their Shape

Sure, it seems like a no-brainer that Prince Harry would want to settle down with Meghan. But Racioppi says this level of commitment was in the cards for Prince Harry all along. He also has a Taurus moon, indicating that when he makes a choice he's fully committed. You're the endlessly happy one. You're the pacifist. You're the laid-back one.

You enjoy doing things in a very unique way. You rarely go with the what the majority is doing. You're the gutsy one. You're the one born a natural leader.


You have a serious attitude that can put people off, but that makes your playful, good-natured moments all the more pleasant and fun for everyone around you. You're the smart ones of the bunch. You're typically innovative and brilliant when others demand perfection out of you. People enjoy spending time with you because you find the good in them. You're good at handling difficult situations.

Pretty Polished: How to Master Astrology-Inspired Nail Art

Last but not least, the sword nail. In your life, you're often the tip of the sword. You're ambitious. You work hard. You have your goals and you won't stop until you meet them.

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You're often well rounded and can handle tasks even far outside of your comfort zone. Your ambition is often contagious. Many planets in common or watery signs produce what is called the psychic type. People with long, slender, claw-like fingers and nails are supersensitive and lacking in strength and vitality. This type of nail is often found on the hands of the idle rich, women who nurse a lap dog instead of a child and always have a box of chocolates at their side.

Long, slender, well shaped hands and nails belong to the psychic type, and when the nails are. People with long, slender nails are usually susceptible to colds and coughs. Nail No. Diagram No. It shows one who has little control over his temper and whose feelings are very easily hurt. Such people are always carrying a chip on their shoulder and always looking for slights. In Diagram B we see that the mount of Venus and the thumb are both a little too heavy.

This is a typical Taurean thumb with the mount of Venus very large, indicating a very strong desire nature. The thumb is short and thick, showing a lack of will power to rule the desires. When the thumb is long and well shaped, it is an indication of high ideals and the will to carry them out. In a well proportioned thumb the first phalanx should occupy two- fifths and the second phalanx three-fifths of the length of the thumb.

The tip of the thumb should reach the middle joint of the first finger.

Thumb Analysis in Palmistry (10/12)

A very long thumb indicates that a person is obstinate, headstrong; a very short one indicates lack of logic and a constant changing from one thing to another. If the thumb is very thick throughout its entire length, the desires and tastes are more or less coarse and primitive, and the person is lacking in tack and refinement. If the thumb is very wide, especially at the tip, it indicates one who "sees red" easily, often one who has an ungovernable temper; it also indicates stubbornness.

The patient who has a normally developed thumb will carry out the physician's orders. If the first phalanx of the thumb is very long and the second one is short, it indicates one who is reckless and whose actions are not controlled by reason. If the first phalanx is short and the second very long it indicates a talker, but not a doer. Such a person is mistrustful of everybody and lacks self-control.

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The mount of Luna is located on the little finger side of the palm and extends from about the middle of the palm to the wrist. When large and full it indicates excessive emotion and imaginations, but when properly proportioned it gives a well balanced mind. It is this mount of the moon and lines found upon it which give the diagnostician a clue to mental afflictions and designate the lunar person.

White spots on the nails: anemia, impoverished blood, nervousness. Long nails, thin and brittle: weak vitality, negativeness, timidity. Black or blue spots on the half moons: poison in blood, obstructed circulation, or restricted heart action.

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The shape of the nails should be taken into consideration before making a decision; see diagrams on page Well rounded and clear cut half moons on nails indicate good circulation; if pale pink, they indicate health; if dark blue, see page 64 for meaning. Nails whose top surface is concave indicate spinal weakness. Patients who have long smooth hands, the flesh soft and smooth, the fingers flexible, the nails white in color, and especially when the nails wedge tightly into the side of the finger and the wedge portion is colored, may be said to have been born tired.

They will make little attempt to help the healer; they would prefer to have the Invisible Helpers do the work for them. Read Free For 30 Days. Diagnosing From the Hands and Finger Nails. Description: medical plam reading.

The Size of The Moons on Your Nails Reveal This About Your Health

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small nails astrology Small nails astrology
small nails astrology Small nails astrology
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