7 st february horoscope

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Others may have suddenly found themselves back on the market again due to an unexpected break-up. The journey to partnership truth may have had many twists and turns. For example, some of you may have experienced the rejection dance in your professional relationships — going from hot to distinctly not.

Or you may have experienced togetherness in the form of a business partnership or close friendship. Congratulations, you made it. February brings this to an end and at the same time, offers a new beginning. Children, young people, step children, babies, pregnancies or just young people in general may feature. For example, singles could meet someone who has children from a previous relationship. This is a new Moon under which to make love, babies or art.

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Others may choose to make themselves their own work of art — this is your house of indulgence, showing off and adornment. Clothes that allow you to stand out and make you feel good, lingerie and make up all fall into the 5 th house. You may see one connection or an on-going situation with another in a very different way as a result. But the real lesson here is the difference is YOU.

Mars enters Scorpio

How you act, feel or react simply is totally different to what you would have done seven years ago and this is what changes everything. You need a routine as opposed to a rut and healthy fuel for that lifestyle. Time to make this a priority. Ruler Venus in your 4 th is all about enhancing your home and lifestyle.

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Saturn is about establishment and foundation while Pluto calls for transformative change. Venus will meet first Saturn on the 18 th and then Pluto on the 23 rd. The 18 th also sees the Sun join Mercury in your 6 th while the 19 th brings a defining moment when Mercury meets Neptune in here and a full Supermoon takes to the sky in your 12 th. Many of you may decide to move house under this influence. Others could change anything from their job to their diet. Questions around home, what that means to you and where you belong may pull you in a certain direction. You may feel a deep need to withdraw to process these feelings but at the same time, others may be exerting their own demands on you, perhaps even pulling you in to their own problems.

What this Supermoon is asking from you is to be the observer not the participator and to maintain a certain emotional distance — especially if this involves the dramas of others. Focus on your own issues rather than getting drawn into those of others. Put yourself first. Think of this as the kind of safety advice you get when you fly. In an emergency, you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Apply the same principle here. This Supermoon may have you looking at one particular connection and seeing the person in a very different light. Step back and maintain your perspective.

Ceres represents power but also the ability to bring about a compromise that both parties can live with. This could even relate to what I said about helping yourself or becoming the observer around the time of that Supermoon. The Sun in your 6 th may make a slightly unforgiving angle to Ceres on the 28 th but it is showing you what needs to be done — and the way to do it. You have been forged in the fires of relationship transformation. You are different. Now show how you relate to yourself and any situation by reaching for that different solution.

And let go of anything that drags you down as new beginnings in relating rebalance your life, Libra. Still have questions? Bring it on home at the beginning of February, Scorpio. This is also a call to create a lifestyle or something which sustains you that is designed entirely with you in mind. New Where you live and how you live will be in focus and some of you may just think about moving if you feel the space you occupy no longer nurtures your soul.

Redecorating, decluttering or simply buying items to bring about a feeling of renewal are other actions you may take. Career matters are also highlighted as after all, our jobs play a major role in supporting and sustaining us. Changes to your work may be a result, especially as ancient ruler Mars has a final meeting with Uranus in your 6 th on the 13 th. The next two weeks are likely to have you focused on inner matters and cocooning.

Consider this your recharge period for what comes next. Usually our homes are the first place where we experiment with our creativity and creative self-expression. All the more reason to have our living space reflecting who we are. We then take this to the outer world. Time to flirt with ideas and more as Mercury enters your 5 th from the 10 th. The talk turns to romance and then hots up!

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As the 5 th is your house of creativity, your ability to generate ideas and get them across to others in a way that engages is your superpower now. How do you intend to use this? This say sees Venus meet with serious Saturn in your 3 rd. I could say that one interpretation here is the ability to do some serious flirting of the professional variety. You are set to make a lasting impression. This is your house of communication and commerce.

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What you say and your ideas have long term implications. Your 5 th is also the house where you get noticed. Venus will then move on and meet with your modern day ruler Pluto on the 23 rd pointing to big beautiful transformations occurring. Selling yourself short will not be an option now as all this adds up to you believing in yourself and what you have to offer — on every level.

Some of you could be looking at a major job or career breakthrough as you impress with both your confidence and your ideas. Others could begin an intense and potentially game-changing love affair. News around children or family members could also feature. What you say now has the power to transform a long term situation and set you off on a new path. People may be seeing you in a very different light and this may be no bad thing if you have felt overlooked or taken for granted recently.

There are like minded souls out there waiting to connect to you if your social life has lost its sparkle — as well as potential soulmates. The day a full Supermoon waxes in your 11 th is also the day when Mercury and Neptune meet in your 5 th. If ever there was a day to be nobody but yourself — this is it. Friendships, romance and all connections are imbued with a spiritual depth. Conversations run deep. Any connection that begins now may feel strangely familiar.

Your psychic abilities should also receive a boost and if you feel pulled to contact someone or drawn to a certain group, place or people, follow this impulse. You could just end up in the right place at the right time for fate to work its magic. Let the energy of this Supermoon carry you up and away to where your people are or place you within the orbit of fated connections.

The people you do meet this month have the potential to influence your future even if they do not turn into lovers. This February offers stand-out success opportunities and also sees you in the spotlight in some way. The fact is, when we have the courage to showcase our truth, that is when we attract the success and people we need. The month ends with you looking closely at your resources and your values.

magim.ru/scripts/berkshire/4741.php There may be a need to save or put aside something or else divert anything from your money or your time from one area and invest it in another. Ask what is important to you and keep that priority as Ceres in your money and values sector falls under the light of the Sun in your 5 th.

7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope
7 st february horoscope 7 st february horoscope

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