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They take everything to heart and fear the unknown. If they aren't worrying, they might be crying.

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If they smile a lot and try to make those around them happy, they're probably a Leo. They might enjoy being the center of attention, but they hate seeing people sad even more. If they have strong opinions and tend to think they're better than everyone at certain things, they are probably a Virgo. You can just tell when one is around. If they are lazy and like to catch glimpses of themselves in mirrors or any reflective surface, they're probably a Libra.

They love themselves. If they are getting on your nerves, they're probably a Scorpio. They have a way of figuring out exactly what bugs you and won't let it go. If they are getting food, eating, or just finished eating, they are probably a Sagittarius. They love food more than you thought possible for a human being. If they complain about everything but do it anyway, they're probably a Capricorn. They have to verbally express themselves because they are physically working hard towards their goals. Most often, they simply need time to come close to those they have something to learn from, those who share their philosophy and people who have something to share.

However powerful or important their romantic bonds may be, they could abruptly come to their end if something throws a March 13th born off their course. With their moral standards set pretty high, they will rarely give in to adultery and in most cases simply get lost in obligations, other relationships, organization of time, or new adventures and experiences their partner doesn't want to share. It is imperative for them to find someone to travel with, someone who will share their road in life, however long their relationships might last.

How to Tell Someone Is Flirting with You, According to Their Sign

However, they will not stay around needy individuals that feed of their energy for very long, and must remain on some sort of distance to feel like they have enough space to move. People born on March 13th excel at teaching and learning, both the same, and easily become travel writers, preachers, or teachers. They are in constant search for direction, and this makes them very good in giving positive and constructive advice on where one should go in their lifetime.

Filled with a need for constant giving and new experiences, they will be one of the most powerful benefactors in the calendar if they only get a chance to be. Blue anatase is a fine stone for a person born on March 13th. Its depth helps them find meaning in their own world and their true personality, while at the same time giving them the confidence to shine.

It is a stone that helps move on from one point in time, look forwards to the future, and return the optimism to one's heart when too many disappointments took over their life force. It will support these individuals to see and recognize exactly who they are with love. A map of the world, a globe, or a plane ticket stand for the best choices of presents for those born on the 13th of March, especially when followed by appropriate information about all things they wish to learn.

If they have decided to take on a new course in piano playing, buy them a book of notes, even if you are aware that they will give up on it much quicker than they are aware. Give them all they need to grow, and they will give even more in return.

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Positive, fun, optimistic and adventurous, these are the travelers among Pisces, those who wish to learn, expand their horizons, and always be surrounded by support and grand gestures. Lost, confused, wandering around their life searching for direction they never find. Nature has a way of speaking to you when you involve yourself in spiritual things.

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In addition, Pisces, you would do well in the medical practice or social interaction since you love people and they love you as well. As a Piscean, you are subject to illnesses relating to allergies or common ailments of the feet. It is also possible that you will have mental challenges. This could be due to a certain trauma in your life or something that is hereditary. Either way, you should seek professional help. Test Now! You cannot do some things on your own. It is human to reach for a drink of some kind when we are upset, but you, Pisces born on March 20 , should avoid doing this.

Personality Traits

This kind of behavior can lead to a pattern of excessiveness. Pisceans are also at risk for eating disorders as well. Often times, you can be in your bare feet. You do not shop at the major department stores for your bargains. You know you can find many interesting and unique things there. It is also a great way to give back to the community by using the local stores instead of those franchises and chains. You love a good buy and have a distinctive way of dressing.

Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 You love yourself, Pisces. You need to have a plan and order in your life.

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  4. The March 20 birthday meaning shows that you know exactly how you want things done and how they should turn out. Some of you born on this day are suited for most any profession but you will do well in the music field or something that can use your writing skills. Your ruling planet is Neptune that symbolizes spirituality healing, feelings, emotions and mercy. This card symbolizes psychic strengths, feelings, confusion, and doubts.

    Number 2 — This number stands for caring, nurturing, sensitivity and tenderness. Number 5 — This number symbolizes enthusiasm, innovation, experimentation and adventure. Turquoise: This is a stable color that symbolizes psychic powers, sophistication, grounding, and optimism. Silver: This color stands for elegance, mysticism, caring and wealth. Thursday — This day is ruled by planet Jupiter.

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    • Birthday Horoscope March 20th.

    It symbolizes positive emotions, enthusiasm and wish to accomplish your goals. Monday — This day is ruled by the Moon. It stands for nurturing, feelings, love, and emotions.

    December 20 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

    Aquamarine gemstone can help you connect to your spiritual inner self through meditation. Tags March pisces. One of the more accurate assessments of my birthdate.

    I felt the sincerity; and it was well researched. Thank you for sharing. But u can judge that by urself… If u think too much then u r pieces.. And if not then u r aries..

    march 20 birthday astrology tumblr March 20 birthday astrology tumblr
    march 20 birthday astrology tumblr March 20 birthday astrology tumblr
    march 20 birthday astrology tumblr March 20 birthday astrology tumblr
    march 20 birthday astrology tumblr March 20 birthday astrology tumblr
    march 20 birthday astrology tumblr March 20 birthday astrology tumblr
    march 20 birthday astrology tumblr March 20 birthday astrology tumblr

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