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As long as you keep that advice top of mind no exceptions , reading health horoscopes can be harmless fun. Caitlin Flynn is a freelance writer who experienced early age corporate burnout in and traded New York City for the misty air and superior coffee of Seattle. She is a Gemini, a former ballerina, and a proponent of the Oxford comma. Follow her on Twitter. This article was originally published at SheKnows. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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Photo: Pexels. Due to the earth's ration, the zodiac appears rotate around the earth approximately once every 24 hours. Astrological Influences and Effects. Table of Planetary Influences. Vital, tonic, warming and drying. Relates to heart function and to vital energy. Inflammatory, aggressive, eruptive, warm and dry, choleric. Collecting, diluting, cleansing, cold and moist, phlegmatic.

Capricorn 12222 Health Horoscope

Expansive, nourishing, warm and moist, sanguine. Relates to the blood circulation, liver and fat metabolism and cellular nutrition. Relates to the nervous system and to nervous activity. Contracting, slowing, binding, restricting, hardening, devitalising, cold and dry, melancholic.

Relaxing, warm and moist. Areas Ruled:. The head, the cerebrum, eyes, face, upper jaw, carotid arteries, front of the body. The kidneys, ureters, adrenal glands, skin, loins, lumbar region, back of the body. The neck, ears, lower jaw, throat, cerebellum, thyroid gland. The lungs, bronchi, trachea, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, sympathetic nervous system.

The hips, thighs, ilium, femur, sacrum, coccyx, ischium, blood vessels, sciatic nerves, pituitary. The breast, diaphragm, stomach, oesophagus, taste, left side of the body. The knees, bones, teeth, skin, joints, hair, parathyroids, right side of the body.

Medical Astrology - Planets and Diseases - मेडिकल एस्ट्रोलॉजी - ग्रह और रोग

The heart, vena cava, back, spine, spinal cord, back, thymus gland. The lower legs, ankles, circulation, pineal body. The intestines, duodenum, peyer's patches, solar plexus, abdomen, parasympathetic nervous system. Table of Significance of the Houses in Astrology. Areas of Significance:. First House. The physical body, physical appearance, personality, attitudes to health. Seventh House.

What Medical Astrology Says About Your Zodiac Sign

The type of people one tends to attract. Compliance with treatment procedures.

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Second House. Material circumstances. Matters relating to the diet. Eighth House.

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Shared resources. Legacies from past illnesses and lifestyles. Life expectancy. Third House. Close relatives. This suggests I have a natal predisposition to illness in this area. But can you imagine my shock when a well-respected colleague of mine, who IS a medical astrologer, told me that my Mars square Pluto aspect was the culprit for my adrenal stress? I was shocked when she connected the dots. I've got Pluto in my 6th House of Health and Mars is the ruler of my Ascendant another physical point in the horoscope. Mars happens to rule the adrenal glands and Pluto rules the metabolism.

Using my horoscope, she revealed my personal "weak" points health wise. And she also agreed that treating this holistically for as long as possible was the way to go.

You see, removing my thyroid gland would only address the thyroid. Not the underlying reason for my auto-immune condition. Recently, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct my Sun and Mercury ruler of my 6th house brought my focus back to my health in a major way. I noticed several of my Hashimoto's symptoms return with a vengeance.

Gemini Health Horoscope - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Things like an inability to lose weight or build muscle. I also experience mental fogginess, forgetfulness and hair loss. I just didn't feel like myself. A Solar Eclipse will often call attention to your health I made the decision to go gluten free since there's a direct connection between gluten and Hashimoto's and other auto-immune conditions. It has only been a few weeks and I notice a major difference! Beyond my own horoscope, I can see the truth behind potential medical problems in the horoscopes of my own family members.

Take my son Vincent for example.

astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health
astrology related to health Astrology related to health

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