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Taurus Astrological and Psychic Predictions for September 2019

On a personal level they are resilient and they carry out life tasks with integrity. Taurus signs are practical, they also have a down-to-earth but creative side, these artistic abilities shine through and complement the rest of them. Alongside this is an unwillingness to try new things and generally they are not risk-takers.

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On occasion Taurus can be described as ostentatious — they want the good life and they want everyone to see them have it! A side aspect of this is being possessive, not just of belongings but of people too, and somewhat self-indulgent. Taurean workers are slow and steady, they like work, but they do like to stick to tried and tested methods and their own systems. Unfortunately, it is in their personality to procrastinate, which is not always a great work trait. It means they may have a tendency to put off tasks for tomorrow.

The may also pick and choose doing the tasks they like to do, as opposed to those that need doing more urgently. They do want to produce good results at work, and as such they do respond to constructive criticism, they can work alone on projects with some light supervision. Motivating them with rewards and using a carrot and stick approach to new tasks or changes to work-flow work best. Taureans do not respond well to someone coming on to strong.

Just like at work, they take a slow and steady approach to matters of the heart. They are friendly, and open to romantic advances, but like time and space to make their mind up about someone. They like to concentrate on the romance of it all.

So interesting dates, especially those involving nature are the name of the game. After a time, you can expect a Taurean to be quite possessive of a partner, just as they would a material possession.

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If their feelings run deep they will not want to share you! So, it is important to pair with a star sign that wants this sort of commitment from a person. They are pragmatic by nature, and this follows in a quarrel with a partner, they tend to have quite rational ideas, but at the same time are quite dogmatic in their opinions, so it is easy to go around and around on a subject. In terms of romance, they can be quite compartmentalised, affection, sex, love, all mean different things to them. You might have to learn the signals….

Taurus characters do make good nurturers, and this makes them natural parents, that said their strong beliefs will translate to rules and these can be quite fixed. As a sibling they relate well to their brothers and sisters, but they do like to carve out time to be by themselves. As previously mentioned their possessive tendencies over people and possessions can cause issues within a family dynamic, teaching them to share is not an easy task. Taurus children can be quite serious by nature, you should only promise what you can deliver, from a young age they will hold you to what you have said!

Taureans make faithful friends, however because their ideas are quite fixed — they may not be the best at giving advice if you are looking for an outside perspective. But regardless, they will be there for you when needed. As creatures of habit, it is best to have some sort of routine as friends, regular outings — like shopping, coffee, cinema etc as well as steady communication by phone, email and so on. David Beckham, William Shakespeare and Karl Marx are perhaps amongst the most recognisable and influential Taureans, all who have achieved their goals utilising their ambitious and hardworking qualities.

If you would like to learn more about your star sign and discover what is to come for you this month then visit our horoscopes page. Many of our Psychic Readers are especially talented in astrology and may be able to tell you more about the Taurus star sign. Why not also find out more about which star signs are compatible with Taurus. Available Readers. View Reader Profiles.

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Sign Up. Sylvia Browne Taurus There is so much to know and understand about the Taurus. Born between April 20th through May 20th, these folks are the second in the zodiac.

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Taurus is your Sun sign where the sun was positioned at the time of your birth , and is characteristic of what you are "made of. Francine my spirit guide says that we go through different signs to take up the task of getting a balance. If we wanted to be more balanced, we would be a Libra; if we wanted to be more ambitious, we would be a Leo; if we wanted to be more practical, we would b ea Virgo; and so on and so forth.

We take on these aspects when we plan our life prior to incarnating.

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