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Many use the Major Arcana cards in personal development and as a channel for transformation. Working with the Major Arcana energies will evoke changes both on external and internal levels. The suits have different names from the elements. Fire is usually wands, but sometimes they are called rods. Water is cups.

Air is swords. And Earth is usually pentacles, but sometimes they are called disks or coins. Within the different suits are all the different attributes.

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The wands are about our spirit and what makes us feel alive. It is about our passions, movement, adventure, desire, technology, competition, enterprises and our creativity. The element is active and denotes movement and travel. The cups are about water, it is about our creativity and what we love. The element is passive. Ace of cups , two of cups , three of cups , four of cups , five of cups , six of cups , seven of cups , eight of cups , nine of cups , ten of cups , page of cups , knight of cups , queen of cups , king of cups.

Ace of pentacles , two of pentacles , three of pentacles , four of pentacles , five of pentacles , six of pentacles , seven of pentacles , eight of pentacles , nine of pentacles , ten of pentacles , page of pentacles , knight of pentacles , queen of pentacles , king of pentacles. The first tarot card is number 0. A highly spiritual number or symbol. It is Gods number. It has so much potential.

It is the fools journey into the unknown. The fool is too unknowing to be afraid. There is no fear, only a childlike feeling of joy. The fool is not aware of the dangers or about all that can go wrong. Hi Jessica, You can ask the oracle to all the major themes of your life to find answers.

The oracle can answer questions if anyone is thinking of you or is missing you or is loving you or is interested in you or others You can ask questions to the oracle e. But the oracle is only suitable for yes and no questions. If you need answers for more complex subjects you can ask e.

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Or ask good friends for advice! Wait several weeks or months until you consult the Oracle again with a specific question. Have fun! Thank you, for your answers.

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I also can see the future most of the time and now I feel more sure'. I wanna know if you could assist me to attract this girl that I really like and I desperately want to hold her hands. I play it with my little 7 year old friend OMG we couldn't stop laughing thank you. I was wondering if any of the information is saved. Also if it is accurate enough to be called the truth.

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I get indecisive a lot, and when that happens, i procrastinate. Its not real I Had repeated the same question again and again Oracles require people to be respectful and not to disturb them with meaningless questions including repeating the same question. A classical example of this is the famous Chinese Oracle I Ching whose usefulness and reliability has been confirmed through thousands of years of experience. I asked the Oracle if my girlfriend was cheating on me and it said no. It turns out she was and now I have an STI. Did I ask the question wrong?

I don't understand. This is the exact text of my question: Am I going to become a giant chocolate truffle in the next five minutes? To which the Oracle replied: Yes, you are.

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There is a need for quiet reflection. This thing is a very funny waste of time. I was driving down the highway in the rain last night and I asked the Oracle if it was safe to sms my friends and drive at the same time.

I am beginning to doubt the accuracy of the Oracle. Mind you, I nearly always do. Amazing all I can say,Thank you. I just asked the oracle if it lies a lot and it said "Yes, if you rely on your first impression" There ya go. I'll ask it again in a couple of months. Oracle, I enjoyed your answers to my questions concerning imminent sex with Gloria.

You suggested I reflect I am doing that right now and boy am I aroused,. Does the oracle control time life space etc and does jesus or god fit into its power. I asked it if it is real, and it admitted it is not!

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Question: Are you real? Your question was: Ogg ogg? I believe the answers I got were true and something to aid me in this time of confusion. Thank you. Hello I asked a specific question Did I get cast in a Summer Theatre production this summer and the reply was yes. I asked if it was a certain theatre in my state and the answer was yes. How can I know if this is accurate or is the system just automatically set to respond to any general question? It can't possibly say yes every time.

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Even if the answer is a direct yes The universe wont interrupt our natural environment. It'll disturb our current knowledge and progress. So continue to believe or don't. Most people would say its just computerized. So it responds that it is But it's not going to be directly. What kind of spiritual growth would that give you? Just for fun I wanted to test it with a question I knew the answer to in order to determine the accuracy of the results. I asked the Oracle "According to the Bible did Jesus come into the world to condemn the world? The Oracle responded, "Yes, if you rely on your first impressions.

However relying on my impression is irrelevant with this question since I am asking a question which can be determined by a simple observation.

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