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Lavendru Man Singh, chief coordinator, relief operations, said positive thinking has returned to officials and bureaucrats involved in care. The Bhuj District Bank has erected tents where a few branches whose buildings were affected will resume banking operations.

Mobile banking services would reopen within a week.

Keepers of the Kalachakra

At the Jivapar village, plans are afoot to reopen schools under trees if Saturday is sunny with with clear skies. The last few days have been partly cloudy. Here, the schoolteachers were among those who perished. Meanwhile, the government has postponed the higher secondary school board examinations. Gandhi Associates, a firm specialising in erecting exhibition halls like those at Delhi's Pragati Maidan, has been asked to pitch temporary stalls. These will help shopkeepers among the quake-hit to resume their businesses.

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In keeping with the community-wise pattern of Gujarat society, shamiana experts from Rajasthan are setting up eight makeshift community halls for respective groups. These halls would have toilets and essential electricity fixtures like lights, and will offer gaddars thick blankets to survivors.

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People who are in a position to make their own arrangements are being encouraged to do so. It is learnt several families are keen to erect temporary shelters of their own near the debris of their households. The defence secretary has apparently asked the ministry's tent-making factory in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, to work non-stop and produce adequate number of tents for the survivors in Gujarat. Although the Bhuj authorities have tents, they are not being used. We don't want people to fight for the tents," Singh said.

People who want to stay outdoors are provided with thick plastic sheets. Temporary identity cards would be given to survivors so that the incoming aid from international community is not misused. At the Jubilee Grounds, the Sintex company, maker of pre-fabricated overhead water-tanks, has erected two semi-permanent rooms to be used for treating patients. The company is planning to build 50 rooms in all.

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Doctors and paramedics tend to about 1, patients at the grounds in makeshift shelters. When ready, the complex will serve as a replacement for the General Hospital that has been laid to waste.

Amit Kudwal Ajmer

Multinational electronics major Philips has donated portable x-ray machines for use in the quake-hit areas. In the context of concerns about the spread of epidemics, Singh said Bhuj's civic body, riven with internal politics, has not been functioning even before the quake. This has compounded the problem of lack of civic amenities. After the quake, two senior officials have been asked to oversee municipal works. Sunil suggested it was necessary to build up political contacts in Delhi to achieve prosperity. He said this could be arranged through his father who wielded a lot of influence.

When did you meet Sunil Mittal's father? Subsequently, I met him four or five times.

When was the first meeting with a political leader fixed? The first meeting we had with any politician was with Rajiv Gandhi.

Gujarati Books

I think it was April I remember this because it was about a month before Rajiv Gandhi's tragic death. It was the last day for the distribution of tickets for the Lok Sabha elections. Ashwin Mehta: It was so embarrassing to be carrying a big suitcase with a crowd watching.

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We went in but could not meet Rajiv Gandhi. Vincent George Rajiv's assistant suggested we take the bag to Sitaram Kesari the party treasurer. We took the bag back and it was given as donation to the party. Later in the day we went back to 10 Janpath but could meet Rajiv Gandhi only after 1. The four of us met him while standing at one corner in the longish room next to George's. Rajiv Gandhi apologised for having kept us waiting for so long.

The meeting lasted barely two or three minutes. Satpal Mittalji introduced us as brokers from Bombay who had wanted to contribute a little to the party. The talk was mostly general. How much money did you have in the bag? I think I have said enough. We do not want to gain enemies for the rest of our lives.

What exactly was your immediate intention in giving money to politicians? Ashwin Mehta: There was never any immediate gain that we were looking for. It was sort of a political insurance. He may deny, but I can prove that what he is saying is incorrect. The Mittals have stated that their father was in Ludhiana during that time. Satpal Mittal had come to Delhi from Ludhiana by the night train only for this meeting. Manmohan Sharma has also come out with a denial.

When was the last time you met or talked to him? You could ask him what he was talking about when we had a lunch meeting on May 13 this year in Bombay at Copper Chimney. Are you sure you met the PM at I am fairly certain. At most there may have been a variance of about 15 minutes to half an hour.

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