January gemini 2020 horoscope

2020 Gemini Zodiac Horoscope

Trusting the wrong person could cost you money. Saturn almost completes its time in Virgo, your solar fourth house of home and family, this year. It will briefly return to Virgo in the next year.

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And it will continue to be a learning experience in everything from relationships to relatives to the physical space you call your own. Saturn could prompt you to remodel your home or acquire a new one. Be cautious if you want to purchase a home of your own or are considering a roommate. If you have a home to sell, do that first, and then buy less rather than more in order to keep mortgage payments in the lowest possible range.

Do the same if you need a home equity loan to fund improvements. Then acquire the necessary do-it-yourself skills in order to do much of the work yourself; it will cut costs. Elderly relatives may need your help this year and you could find yourself handling many daily tasks for them, including managing their financial affairs.

Gemini 2020 Horoscope

This could of course put a strain on your own family, so search for viable alternatives to minimize the impact on all of you. This Saturn transit can challenge the flexibility of even an ultra-flexible Gemini. But Saturn is only half the story this year. The rest of the chapters will be written by Uranus in Pisces, your solar tenth house, which forms an exact alignment with Saturn in February and September. You can expect everything from last-minute projects to a sudden job change when Uranus, the ultimate planet of change, is in your career sector.

Be sure to keep your boss informed and ask coworkers to lend a hand when necessary.

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  7. Above all, though, try not to let your home life interfere with job performance, and vice versa. Your employer will understand—to a point. If a promotion or new position is your target, February is possible and September more likely. Before you make any move, however—physical or a job change—be sure it will contribute to your long-term goals, not just your immediate ones. Otherwise, they might end up breaking up or disillusioned in failed relationships.

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    However, anything can be fixed with a touch of affection, love, and compassion. When nears its end, this would have reached an apex already, and you'll feel ready for an intimate relationship. You might ask your spouse in marriage and settle down or simply appreciate people more than you did before. The future looks hopeful now. In fact, they need to break their backs trying to stay on the floating line, cutting back on their expenses and being mindful of any financial misdeeds.

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    Indulgence is off the table this year because they need to build a stable monetary flow, simply to save them the hassle in the future. This time, everything revolves around needs, not desires. Before the year is through, things might take a turn for the better.

    If you were responsible and financially mature enough, then your monetary gains will start being visible now. Geminis need to stabilize their money flow and spend less, so as to prepare for future financial troubles. If you were quite satisfied with your sedentary and tedious lifestyle where your comfort zone was all-encompassing, then things will change now.

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    Professionally, you will feel motivated to go out there and take a shot at the bigger game. By the time is over, you will have started working in a new and evolving environment. This is the year when Geminis will think things through and choose smarter. They will go up a learning curve, developing new skills and activating in innovative fields.

    Professionally, Geminis will have an easy time this year. This is a time of professional changes if you feel like it. However, with hard-work, undying motivation, and ambition, nothing should stop your advance. Your idea of business will thrive in this period.

    Geminis will have some health issues this year, mainly caused by stress and mental exhaustion. What they should do instead is take some time off to relax. Maybe taking on a sport will be beneficial. Take it easy, think it through before you start a project, and make as few moves as possible.


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    Practicing a close-contact sport will rejuvenate you and increase your health. Patience and precaution this year, please. You need to understand how these traits can bring you success as easy as turning a page in a book. You will have to face against risks, challenges, and problems concerning your family though.

    Gemini love horoscope 2020

    In , Geminis will care more about themselves and their personal goals, rather than the wellbeing of the family. Materialism and indulgence attract them more than social relationships. You might travel in other countries with professional interests, at least in the beginning of the year.

    Gemini Horoscope 2020 - Complete Horoscope Prediction 2020 For Gemini Zodiac Sign
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