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Yet both of these aspects are the firsts of three. Jupiter will square Uranus two more times, Feb and April In this one, several aspects have passed by the time Mama Moon connects with Jupiter. That is more range than I use for active aspects. Venus adds desire! This period would not be a traditional wedding choice. But do shake the tree! Nothing like a little chaos to make Magic! Be true. A Hexagram! Almost invariably, a Grand Sextile is formed when Mama Moon fills the 6th point and this one is no exception!

The emphasis with Sextiles is communications! You see how all these degrees are 5 and less degrees apart! Moon and Venus are both feminine, mothers and lovers! Partner up with prenups, or negotiate your divorce for the best for all.

Best to see how it all sits with your natal chart — see an astrologer you trust to give you realistic pros and cons. Good luck to you all! Saturn has a built-in hexagram, Grand Sextile, if you will! Because there are planets in the midpoints of those trines on two sides, there are two KITE patterns formed!

That means the water signs are in on it too! Insights about money, power, healing, intimate relationships. In the Earth signs , the probabilities are practical, possibly sustainable, sustaining. In the light of day they will probably stand the test. It is willing to attempt the healing process, forgive, but is careful, ever so sensitive to nuances. Uranus in Aries between Chiron and the Moon is entirely not satisfied with keeping things the way they were, is A-OK ready to start fresh.

They are either going to balk or spark! The change better be a smart option, Mercury in its own sign Virgo approved, or the Pisces Chiron is going to swim under a rock to hide, and the Moon in Taurus is going to so dig in. Nope, not gonna. Ok, complex situation, a lot of players, could be an overwhelm and fizzle. But you get to take a look, can part it all out later, spin off the ideas that were presented. Uranus linking Mercury of Quicksilver and Mars of motion, connects three unstable, creative, curious planets! Mercury is intrigued, Mars wants to do it, Uranus wants change!

These, my friends, are a happy combination. Mercury in Virgo could be a stuffy doubter, worrier, but not for long!

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Mars can go off half cocked right here and now. Uranus is looking much further ahead and afield — lightening, sound waves, quakes, an unalterable spiritual storm, for better or worse, often a bit of both! I would say something is going to move. Ride it. Let the dust settle.

New and different, strangely, workable! Not only does the Grand Trine have trines, considered by many to be the best planetary connections to have, but the Mystic Rectangle adds another trine, i nitiate Mars trine healer Chiron. Incredible innovative prodding, probing healing from the bone to the soul!

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The sword anoints, psychic surgery clears and opens, Spirit Guides attend. Fire cauterizes, burns away the dross, transforms, Kundalini rises! No page unturned, all the steps are there. In this case, Earth and Water, a fertile combination. Spirit on Earth. This is the second, three more to come! Sep 6, this powerful sextile is part of a Bow pattern, Mercury opposite Chiron, linked by their two sextiles with Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are old friends, both having to do with martial endeavors — Mars on the front line, Pluto sneaking into the enemy camp for supplies and information.

Both are healers in that Mars is a first responder, and Pluto goes in deep to finish the job.

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Harley in the garage. In your own life, check in with your various healers. Take inventory both personally and of your business. Have you been a little scared to take action? Talk it over with trusted advisors, especially the accountant. Pay attention to the long term.

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

March 13 , Beautiful annual Venus conjunct Jupiter in the evening sky! Trines are fine, sextiles some think are better, Grand Sextiles are vundebar! Trines have all the same elements, unless they are at the cusps and slip across the margin.

Then they get a tad more interesting, a little spice with the dumplings! Sextiles are mixed but harmonious elements, some thinking that adds more opportunity to the mix, more active. Grand Sextiles complete the whole circuit. They can be only two kinds, fire and air, or earth and water. Lots of choices. Jupiter and Pluto are in turn trine Mars! By connections, we have a 5 planet trine! Love and beauty, play, and perfection all rolled into one! The Moon activates Mars all day, making the conjunction in the afternoon at PM.

Definitely time for new projects, especially ones that involve physical action or courage and leadership. Opportunities abound for Earth and Water people, with planets or factors from 0 to 10 degrees, involving Earth and Water ventures!

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The Moon is in Scorpio sextiling its ruler Pluto in Capricorn, an opportunity of emotion and power, intuitive healing. It senses financial possibilities, loves people from afar, is willing to learn, a lot! Please see above. Chiron makes it a Kite! The 13th and 14th are a summary couple of days of an awesome set!

This is the fat max of the Trines! The 14th, Mars exactly trines Jupiter, then Pluto! Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto are still at 9 degrees, but the trine is fading as Venus leaves the nines. Missy Moon joins in, so if you forgot anything, take care of it now! She means business joining Pluto in Capricorn, and probably throws Pluto off his stride for a bit, though it will likely be interesting to see what comes to moon light!

The 9th degree is still key. I have reported the trines and sextiles to you, but the charts also include difficult aspects. The red lines in the chart below indicate challenges. See all those green lines connecting? Subscribe me! Click Here! Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology
grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology
grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology
grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology
grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology
grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology
grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology Grand sextile january 26 2020 astrology

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