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Professions that are not straightforward are sports and politics. Although Mars is the planet for sports, good sportsmen are not guaranteed to have important planets in navansh signs of Mars.

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Instead, they are seen to have a strong Mars affecting the foundation of the chart and Venus as the planet of entertainment governing their vocation. The most notable of such horoscopes is Shri Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is no doubt a good sportsman. However, his claim to fame was through the T20 world cup and IPL, which should be considered entertainment.

Mars is 3rd Lord and is aspecting its own house of Parakram from 9th house, which gives Martian hue to his artistry. He is a good businessman, administrator of a sports company and he is an actor working in myriad advertisements. Yes, bottom line is that he is good in sports, but to say that his main vocation is sports would be misleading. Also, Venus is a planet of grace and style, while Mars stands for competition.

Venus was strong, Mars was debilitated and the kid did not do well in competitive sports. There are multiple charts of Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar floating around on the net, which makes it difficult to judge the 10th house. However, irrespective of confusion over his time of birth, his chart is an example of how strong planets fulfill their karakatva and drive the destiny of the individual. He is, therefore, a warrior. For politicians, it is not easy to delineate vocation. Politics is public service, while the main vocation for the politicians is something different.

I have not taken examples of politicians for this article. Please tell me which career option is best for me according to my kundli mbbs or lawyer or judge or any other.. Dob is Birth place is bareilly uttar pradesh and timing is 12 am. Please follow this link for Contact and Consultation. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared. Please go through the Terms of Use in the footer of the page. Enter your email address:. Contact Information Need Help? All right reserved.

Where you can do the best and use your potential maximum. After entering into a career then many ups and downs are also felt and many times a total change in career direction is also observed due to any failure or great loss. If you already know which stream your planets may yield much better then it is better to opt for training in that stream only so that you will be well equipped in your career stream.

Astrology is found to be the best tool to guide you at the moment when you are in a fix. Career is judged primarily by the tenth house of the birth chart. The tenth house is a very important house of the birth chart. Since it gives identity and importance to a person in the society. Good academic ability leads to a smooth career. Education is seen through the fourth house.

Discover Your Life’s Calling | Vocational Astrology| Career Astrology

It shows education gained in school. The fifth house shows knowledge gained after completion of education of school; whether it is in any institution or in an office or in any workplace. If the first, fourth, fifth houses are in good condition then it uplifts the tenth house. Third house shows the mental inclination of a person.

Find Your Career via Astrology (How to Find your Life purpose)

It shows enthusiasm in a person. Nothing is expected of a person with a weak third house. This means that the person lacks strength and enthusiasm in his life. He can almost clearly see the weaknesses and considers all factors to help you leverage on your characteristics. You may put all your efforts and plan for a specific career.

However, you often end up in a completely different domain altogether. When it comes to career and astrology, the 10th house in your natal chart rules your professional life.


It points to career opportunities and helps a Vedic astrologer to suggest a lucrative profession for you. It shows how you present yourself in society to earn your livelihood and reputation.

Your passion and obsession predicted in the main chart combine with the divisional chart to determine your career. Different divisional charts represent each sector of your life and, the D chart is for depicting your career. Along with this chart, the placement and the sign Rahu resides in your birth chart points to a particular profession.

Rahu is the signifying factor of your passion in life. The choice of your career through astrology yet again depends on all the houses with planetary combinations. In other words, the planets in conjunction with or that transit across MidHeaven define your birth and transit charts.

Profession Through Astrology by O P Verma

The twelve Zodiac signs and their ruling element in conjunction with the 10th house signify your career by astrology. Their characteristics also influence the career astrology prediction to a considerable extent. These are:. These natives are tuned heavily into the emotional aspects with the rare ability to absorb vibes from others.

These natives need to work harder to succeed, and their career is mostly related to fluids. They can excel in dairy farming, shipping, bottled drinks and breweries, to name a few. They are intelligent beings with creative thinking power and will excel in professions related to intellect. Combined with flexibility, these natives experience life through different perspectives. They have the tendency to excel in journalism, philosophy, writing and legal professions. These individuals usually exist in a suppressed state before bursting with enthusiasm. They usually look for things that can light them up.

A career in engineering or steel and iron industries is perfect for these natives. They will also excel in professions related to the combustion industry. These individuals are drawn towards reality and are extremely grounded.

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  • They are capable of giving solid results and can become a workaholic.

    profession by astrology Profession by astrology
    profession by astrology Profession by astrology
    profession by astrology Profession by astrology
    profession by astrology Profession by astrology
    profession by astrology Profession by astrology

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