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Characteristics of a Cancer woman: Emotional, caring, complex, empathetic, sensitive, expressive, generous, intuitive. The lowdown: Communication is the key to any good relationship, but for this pair, note that it will take some time to be completely on point. In fact, the opposite way of thinking helps you both grow in different ways. On the other hand, because you express yourselves in different ways, this could lead to miscommunication. For more research: Love advice for Scorpio woman and Cancer man in love and relationships , Love advice for the Pisces woman , Pisces man in love and relationships.

Example couple: Leo man and Libra woman. Characteristics of a Leo man: Passionate, romantic, charismatic, popular, stubborn, charming, protective. Characteristics of a Libra woman: Charismatic, indecisive, popular, affectionate, rational, people-pleaser. One thing this duo has going for them is an intense physical and emotional connection. The Libra woman loves to please, which is great for the Leo man who craves compliments and has a tendency to be overly emotional—though he will protect and charm his lover at the same time.

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Example couple: Capricorn man and Cancer woman. Characteristics of a Capricorn man: Goal-driven, hard-working, natural born leader, serious, skeptical, status-conscious, hard-working, aloof, unforgiving. The lowdown: Cancer woman tend to seek approval of family before taking a relationship to the next level whereas Capricorn men have their own high expectations of when it comes to finding the perfect mate. Both signs keep their cards close to their vest until they are certain the relationship is deep and true, but intimacy is what really causes the relationship to grow. Cancer women thrive off of this feeling of being strongly loved, which makes her feel even more confident about the relationship.

Gemini: Man , Woman. Libra: Man , Woman. Aquarius: Man , Woman.

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Capricorn: Man , Woman. Sagittarius: Man , Woman. Taurus: Man , Woman. Virgo: Man , Woman. Cancer: Man , Woman. Scorpio: Man , Woman. Pisces: Man , Woman. Aries: Man , Woman.

Leo: Man , Woman. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles. The astrological aspects also define the level of communication in a relationship, for instance, an individual is likely to struggle in finding the right words to express their emotions if their Mercury is in a water sign Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces.

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In addition to this, an astrology compatibility by date of birth also indicates about the level of intimacy required for an individual in order to feel the emotional connect in the relationship. Love compatibility in astrology based on the love compatibility calculator report, prepared using the astrology compatibility by date of birth supports understanding of how an individual finds comfort and emotional support in a relationship.

Every human being is different and even though everyone has similar emotional needs, the importance and how they meet those needs differ from person to person. The lunar aspects in astrology aspects list , helps in understanding the amount of emotional support and comfort an individual needs and how they can fulfill that need by themselves, rather than depending on their significant other to do that for them. For instance, as per the astrology aspect list , an individual with their Moon in Sagittarius- adventure and travel may be more nurturing, while for someone whose Moon is in Taurus, may cherish a quiet meal in a stable home environment.

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  7. The more self sufficient and self nourishing an individual is, the more stable their relationship with their partner will be. Every individual has different ways of expressing their feelings and emotions, and things tend to get more complicated when it comes to communicating in a relationship. Understanding the operation of the astrological aspect mercury, helps in building the connection in a relationship.

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    Communication plays the most important role in relationships, given the fact that most relationships suffer from miscommunication or communication gaps, causing emotional instability for both the partners. Individuals with Mercury in the Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn tend to be overly cautious while communicating with their partners.

    The major challenges in any relationship originate in the aspects of emotional connection, sexual intimacy and shared finances.

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    So, when you decide to move to the next, more committed level in your relationship, compatibility test using the love compatibility calculator, can help in understanding the astrological aspects of Mars in your birth chart. Least compatible signs for Aquarius : Cancer , Virgo. Least compatible signs for Pisces : Leo , Libra. Most astrologers making a compatibility chart will put opposite signs, signs which share the same element and trine signs signs of a complementary element as the most compatible with any given Sun sign.

    The least compatible Sun signs are usually thought to be inconjunct signs — these are the two signs on either side of your opposite sign. The rest of the Sun sign combinations offer varying levels of compatibility, depending on the amount of effort your put into your relationship. For a fuller picture of your relationship, ask our astrologer about your love compatibility match, or order an Astromatcha compatibility report.

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    Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator.

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